short trip to Montreal 

The city where umbrellas are hanging from the sky…
After about 2 and a half weeks in Toronto I felt like seeing something new. Besides it would have been a shame not to see another city on the east coast when I’m already here . Especially because there is so much to see and for Canadians a 6h bus drive is nothing more than a “short trip”. 

There we go … bought the ticket and one day later I found myself in the middle of Montreal. First few seconds … shit 😮 I forgot something… everybody is speaking French  … after nearly 3 weeks only English it felt strange to hear onther language again which isn’t yours eighter. 

But whatever people say about “french” people… they are very nice and if you ask they try their best to speak English or help you in some other ways 🙂 

Montreal is a wonderful city and in comparison to Toronto I don’t have the feeling that time is important here. The city seems slower and more calm which is why I would prefer Montreal if I had to decide between both cities. Even if my French skills aren’t the best.

If you are in Montreal there you should definitely go to the harbour (which is the Port here) and Mont Royal because you can look all over the city. The shop Eva B is also worth a walk. You can find very old second hand stuff and some food there. Even if you don’t buy anything just rummage in the store a little bit is really interesting. Montreal is a city with lots of hidden places so just walk around and go exploring.

I stayed here at the Hostel M Montreal  and it was really nice. Montreal is kind of a party city so even people from Toronto stay here over the weekend to go out. 



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