Banff Life

Spending the whole winter season here gave me the chance to meet some of the most loveable people. Canada’s winter can be rough sometimes but if you have the right people around you and love snow your definitely in the right place.

I actually don’t even know where to start but maybe the beginning would be good. There’re just so many exciting story’s to tell.

Well when I first came here from Vancouver I kinda felt like coming home. I really don’t know why but I decided to stay here for the winter season to go snowboarding. At the beginning I stayed in the Samesun Hostel which is pretty cool. They have their own bar, the rooms are clean and some of them even have a fireplace which is great for winter but the best thing…. pancake breakfast is included 😍😆

I came here quite late … season almost startet. That’s why I didn’t found a job in Banff but I Canmore which is like a 20minute bus drive from Banff. The town itself is pretty quite. It’s more for family holidays…lots of resorts where I worked at. I did housekeeping during winter so not my first choice but it was money. I lived in staff accommodation which was cheap compared to normal apartments or rooms and I got really lucky. My housemate and me…. well what can I say: crazy meets crazy

Well and so it began…


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